1) Who is Berryessa Designs? - Show

2) What is your guiding philosophy? - Show

3) How can I contact you if I have a question or comment? - Show

4) What if I have an issue with my lamp? - Show

5) How do you handle returns? - Show

6) What is the warranty period? - Show

7) Do you offer lamps in other styles? - Show

8) Do you offer lamps in other colors? - Show

9) How long do the LEDs last? - Show

10) Do you offer replacement LEDs? - Show

11) Will you offer a cool white LED version of the lamps? - Show

12) I noticed some less expensive LED lamps out there. What makes your lamps worth the money? - Show

13) What is the color rendering index (CRI)? - Show

14) What advantages do LED lamps offer children & seniors? - Show

15) What makes LEDs so much better as a light source that compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)? - Show

16) Where do you ship? - Show

17) Where are your lamps built and where are the components sourced from? - Show

18) Where would i find assembly instructions? - Show